13 days in hell unblocked

13 days in hell unblocked is a very popular game. How do you have the prospect of spending 13 days in hell? And what is hell in that case? Welcome to the mystical dungeon where monsters are bred. And a soldier from a special squad was sent there to solve the problem. Of course, they sent him with a whole group of support to the bargain, but all your colleagues, as it happens, died. Now only one single guy must stop the monsters, or just die the death of the hero. 13 days in hell is a very correct name, because it is so much for you to spend side by side with bloodthirsty and very hungry zombies. They attack – you defend. Monsters come close – you open fire. Do not miss a single moving shadow. As soon as something comes out of the fog in front of you, immediately shoot at him a few bullets. Best to aim at the head. Apt hitting the forehead is able to instantly dump the unpretentious dead man. But there will be other, stronger opponents. Although, your weapon is also getting better and better. Do not forget only to recharge your arsenal, and then the incessant fire can easily protect you from trouble. 13 days in hell will seem an easy walk if the player chooses the initial difficulty of the game. But when the level of complexity is also hellish – here all the most terrible sides of the dungeon open up.

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