13 more days in hell unblocked

Play 13 more days in hell unblocked online. Dirty policeman had to sacrifice himself to save his partner. During his long life, the cop did a lot of good things, but he also did a lot of crimes, which he later concealed from his superiors. After his death, they didn’t want to take his miserable little soul into paradise, because there were too many wormholes in it, and they didn’t allow them to remain in hell because they didn’t fall into it. Satan faced a dilemma, which he quickly resolved. The cop’s soul was promised deliverance from eternal torment in the torture chambers of the underworld if he agreed to become a hunter for lost souls. They attached a curator to the policeman, who found the souls stuck between hell and heaven, and then handed them over to his humble servant for reprisals. To stand in the service of the devil is also a good job, because in the underworld, too, someone needs to restore order. For a purgeor in purgatory, there was even a gun with infinite cartridges, but he demanded reloading. In addition, there were many other weapons suitable for hunting angry ghosts. It is impossible to lose to the hunter, because otherwise he will not spend another 13 days in hell, but already for ages, swimming in boiling tar for created misdeeds during mortal life.

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