Friv 2010

Friv 2010 play online. You are the engineer who always designs a home away from civilized society. Construction does not take as much time and money as it is then required for the improvement of the established monastery. To bring home the necessary utensils, an industrious designer will have to personally draw a model of a pedestrian bridge, and then test it by pulling some heavy load. Each element of the construction costs money, so the scrupulous pedant will have to save money, bypassing the minimum number of parts. The unreliable pendant construction will lead to the fact that the person during the transition or dragging of the boxes will simply collapse into the abyss separating the islet with the built up building and the rest of the world. No one will come to the rescue, because the ascetic does not contact anyone and prefers to live without strangers in life. It is important to remember that the bridge itself has a significant weight, subject to gravity and gravity to self-destruction. Your task is to create a poly bridge – a universal crossing for all occasions.

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