Age of war Friv unblocked

Flash game “Age of war Friv unblocked ” is an exciting strategy that has already found its fans. This game is similar to the tower defense genre, but here the cave will be the main object of defense. It is the cave, because we are transported into the world of primitive people, who solved all the issues with the help of physical force. You have to show all the ingenuity and skills of the cunning strategist to protect your home from other Neanderthals.

Initially, you have the opportunity to build protection from the Neanderthal man, who works with a baton, a Neanderthal man who shoots and a third defender – a man who rode a dinosaur, plus, owning a spear. Hire them so that they do not allow the enemy to enter your home. In the game “Age of War” you can customize the complexity of the game that is convenient for you: easy, medium or complex. Depending on the choice varies the number of opponents, their strength and speed. For the destruction of enemies and the successful completion of the level, the player gets points for which you can buy new soldiers and various attributes of protection. Fight until victory, hold out from the attacks as long as possible. Happy passing!

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