Alien attack team unblocked

The aliens arrived on the ground, and their goals were not at all peaceful. Play for free Alien attack team unblocked. Alien conquerors, as usual, want to carry chaos, enslave people, or just kill them in droves. To resolve the dispute, to settle differences, a special tournament was invented. A team of monsters here will confront our brave guys. Faced in specially prepared arenas, they are measured by forces in a fierce fighting contest. We will win – aliens are removed from the Earth back, from where they flew. Otherwise, we become their slaves. We can not allow such a sad outcome. To participate in the competition fighters prepared for years, selected from the best soldiers, special services. You came to such a squad from the police. Soon it will be time to show the monsters from another galaxy, who is stronger here. The sounds of shots, the screams of the wounded – echoes of the battle can be heard far beyond the complex. Do not spare any of the enemies. As soon as the next monster appears next, immediately fire at it, otherwise you will be quickly killed. Collect bonuses to improve your performance, stock up on additional health and armor. Indicate the aliens their rightful place, establishing here their strict police control.

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