Armor mayhem unblocked

Gradually depleting the resources of their own planet, people were left without energy sources. Play for free Armor mayhem unblocked game. Previously, the riches of Mother Earth were enough for everyone, but now humanity was forced to go into deep space to find new means of subsistence there. And good luck smiled at them. During the next expedition, on one of the distant planets were discovered deposits of incredibly powerful energy crystals. With such a treasure, it would be possible for thousands of years not to take care of anything. Here are just earthlings were not the only wanting to possess this power. The aliens from other systems also decided to appropriate a useful resource for themselves, and it was impossible to resolve the issue peacefully. To do without large-scale bloodshed, it was decided to arrange a special tournament. The winners will be able to master most of the crystals, but the losers will go back, accepting defeat. Now the success of the competition depends on you, and therefore of humanity as a whole. The main character is an armored fighter that will fight to the death with opponents, defending his team and killing enemies. Pick up new weapons, first-aid kits and other bonuses that will help survive in this massacre.

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