Avatar arena unblocked

Try the best game – Avatar arena unblocked. For centuries, people in the country have lived peacefully, happily. But the war was coming, and it was time to hold another tournament among the elemental warriors. His winner was to become the guardian and protector of his people, while receiving unprecedented power, recognition, glory. The competition is so grand that fighters from all over the world gathered to take part in it. Each of them knew how to command one of the four elements. Fire, water, air or earth are all capable of equally well destroying or protecting. Obeying the most skillful avatars, the forces of nature collided with each other in a frantic fight. Take part and you choose a character from the list. Each element is listened to by a particular guy or young man, so you also have four roles at your disposal. But the details of the exterior can be customized in more detail, modifying it according to different fashion trends. Then comes the turn to get acquainted with the management. There are different types of attacks and defenses, characterized by the complexity of execution, but also power, as a result of effort. Go through the tournament ladder, defeating the top twenty of the strongest opponents. Their skills will grow with each level, so you yourself should not stand still.

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