Awesome tanks 2 unblocked

The territory of tank battles is speckled with shells. In awesome tanks 2 unblocked on every square meter of land are visible prints of metal tracks. The grass is covered with diesel fuel, marsh mud contains admixture of concrete and human remains. When the aces of tank business converge on the field, only one specialist comes out of the fight alive, and the rest go to the forefathers. Awesome tanks 2 firing non-stop, issuing volleys of shells from unimaginable distances and at incredible angles. An experienced tanker uses any advantage for his own benefit – he shoots at barrels of fuel, tries to undermine a weaker enemy to cause a heavy tank to detonate, breaks through brick walls, clearing the way for himself. Escape after the start of a clash is not a sign of cowardice, since it is a subtle calculation for the sake of victory. It is for this reason that a massive attack on one misguided tanker, a storming of a fortification from several sides, a massive bombardment from a long distance, or shooting at an offensive will not be considered a meanness. Exploration of the territory is a special art, because with a competent approach to orienteering the team gains an advantage over the adversary, who simply does not notice how a weapon with an armor-piercing projectile is aimed at him in the tower.

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