Awesome tanks unblocked

The enemy, occupying the industrial areas of the state, there are frightening tanks. Play free and online awesome tanks unblocked game. This is an unusual machine with a thick layer of armor that can withstand a direct hit by a projectile. They move briskly around the guarded perimeter, defending bunkers with warlords. Many units are capable of delivering crushing blows from multiply-charged guns, others are generally showered with heavy fire without making reloads. To stand in the battle on the battlefield will help the exceptional agility of the tanker, his cunning tactics and the ability to adapt to unpleasant circumstances. The defender of the motherland should enjoy the advantages in battle: blow up barrels of high-octane fuel, drive adversaries into impassable corners of the map, hide behind obstacles, use new items of the military-industrial complex to win. If a soldier is not sure of the ability to perform a combat task, then you need to stay at the base, systematically allocate money to make improvements to your tank, and then, without discussion, order to rush into battle. Upgrades relate to the speed of movement of the track tracks, the rate of fire of the guns, the thickness of the armor, the open visibility zone and the completion of the tank with projectiles.

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