Basketball legends unblocked

If an athlete achieves unattainable success in a certain direction, he is considered a legend. Play Basketball legends unblocked game online and free. All beginning athletes worship world-famous stars, considering them to be the standard to strive for. For the sake of the younger generation, basketball legends organized a tournament by street rules in order to draw public attention to this sport. Along with football and hockey, basketball occupies a significant place, because on the court there are people who have incredible physical endurance, incredible speed of movement, unimaginable dexterity. It makes no sense to list the names of NBA stars, because even looking in the face a person with a bad memory can recall the past achievements of an idol. The rules of the game in street ball are fairly transparent: the fight is conducted on two rings, but the player must stun his opponent with the plague technique of possession of the ball, the ability to trick and take the ball without breaking. The most spectacular goal is to put the ball in the basket with your own hand, and it is desirable to do this outrageously hard to crush the glass shield into pieces. The battle is fought for a specified period of time, on the scoreboard the score is displayed, which at the last second will determine the winner!

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