Batman unblocked

Play the Batman unblocked game online. What do Batman and Robin do in their free time? Their life is not similar to the everyday life of ordinary citizens, because our children have long since abandoned their usual calm, even if safe, routine. Although security can also be talked about for a long time. After all, the villains usually choose the weakest and most common of their victims, so as not to meet any resistance. In any case, Batman and Robin announce the hunt for the bad guys. And it will not be easy, because all sorts of maniacs, psychopaths, and even monsters with otherworldly force in the city somehow increased beyond measure. The rules of your good deed will be very simple, and quite fair. A contract was signed with all the villains, according to which they will have to meet our heroes in a fair fight. Winners can safely continue their atrocities, and the losers – there are losers. They will be sentenced, and not about what further crimes can not speak. You will travel to different places, as you usually have to fight in the territory of your enemies. But, a victory in this case allows you to be even more proud of yourself, if you were able to prevail in a familiar environment for the opponent. Alternate different hits and blocks to win the duel.

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