Battle gear 3 unblocked

Play free and online the Battle gear 3 unblocked game. There was not a single year in the world so that people would not start a war. The fighting takes place everywhere. They are even now somewhere on the planet, although you did not know about it or simply did not hear. But the time will come when war will come to your house, forcing you to take up arms. A clever person will prepare for the invasion in advance, having studied such disciplines as strategy, tactics, maneuvering of troops, and at the same time will go deep into the study of the engineering features of weapons. Each combat mechanism 3 has a margin of safety, functionality, destructive power and cost. The commander-in-chief of the army will not send valuable equipment for slaughter if you can get by with a little blood — the release of an assault force and the storming of infantry. People are the most undervalued element of war, and their top with beautiful epaulets uses as cannon fodder. This resource will be quickly replenished, and to replenish it, it is enough to build a lot of barracks and establish a training regime. In the case of armored vehicles, aircraft, defense structures have to use the best minds of mankind, spend a lot of money, use the same people to create. Now you are the commander-in-chief of the army and it is up to you to decide at what cost a victory in a long war with the enemy!

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