Battle gear unblocked

Play the Battle gear unblocked game online. What is the deadliest combat mechanism? Perhaps this is a powerful tank, the armor of which cannot be pierced with simple bullets? Or a helicopter flying too high to be easy to reach. The answer is very simple, and complex at the same time – only all these machines together can bring you victory. Everyone in the war has its own role. Even ordinary soldiers with machine guns can bring victory if you provide them with good cover from the artillery. The same applies to any other combat unit. Going to war, you need to think through a strategy in advance, and stock up on a bunch of finances. They are especially useful when contractions begin to go in earnest. You must move from one country to another, conquering them, like a ruthless dictator. And indeed you will become so, if you manage to reach the very end. But what could be wrong with world domination if you are the only full-fledged head of this whole system? Whatever it was, and the action is reduced to the process of battles. Enjoy thousands of explosions, incessant steel rain, and other destructive things. Make improvements, adding new technologies and machines to your arsenals. If it is stronger – you need it.

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