Battle panic unblocked

Play free and online the Battle panic unblocked game. Attention all posts, declared combat alarm! Hordes of orcs attacked your city, and these monsters will not be limited to one attack. In all likelihood, their king seriously planned to enslave the surrounding lands, destroying the people he hated, so you have to seriously work on the protection. Improve the village, build new buildings in it, where you will then train soldiers. All this requires a lot of resources. The first thing you go is to mine gold in the mines. To do this, simply hover the cursor on the digger, and the money will be credited to the account automatically. The mines are inexhaustible, but the problem with wood may arise. Of course, you can’t forever cut the same tree with an ax. Sooner or later it will be dumped, and the forest around is not so thick. Each mission requires you to complete certain tasks. Somewhere you have to build more archers, and then you will get a cavalry. When a building produces soldiers, each of them adds a little experience to the building so that it can mutate later. Houses of the highest level supply you and the best fighters. Elite archers surpass the usual ones many times over, just as with a paladin, a simple swordsman does not contend.

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