Battlefield shooter unblocked

The Battlefield shooter unblocked is a popular game. The US is so opposed to many states that the rebels began to attack the consulates of the most democratic country in the world. Representatives of the State Department and the consuls were trapped in a fortified building, but they couldn’t hold out inside them for a long time, because the enemy was going to use any available resources. Americans do not understand when they are asked to get out on good terms. They always impose their own policies in the third world countries and try to break the existing mentality with unnecessary values. Since hints are not perceived by American politicians, the local population has to go to extreme measures – to launch armed infantry, armored vehicles, military jeeps with machine-gun installations. Unfortunately, we have to play for the sniper, who is on duty in the US Army. This is not an easy job, but they pay well for it and promise a comfortable old age after retirement. The soldier obeys orders of the command, which does not intend to allow the death of American citizens, so you have to shoot the local militia from all types of weapons at hand. There are assault rifles, assault rifles, tactical and sniper rifles with sights, which have a multiple increase. For you, shooting on the battlefield is common, and this task is the last, after which ensuring the safety of the US consuls will fall on the shoulders of other shooters.

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