Battleship unblocked

The Battleship unblocked is nice war game. We all know from childhood a wonderful game – sea battle. Its beauty lies primarily in the fact that you can arrange a battle anywhere, if only you had a paper with a pen at hand with your friend. The rules are very simple, but at the same time diverse. The battlefield is a watery surface, divided into many squares. The ships, in turn, must be located in these cells. According to the size, they are divided into small single-deck cutters, medium-sized ships with a length of two decks, a couple of large ships of three cells each, and one giant battleship four-deck. How exactly the vessels will be located you decide yourself, and the enemy can only guess and beat at random. Players take turns shooting, taking as their targets the different cells of the enemy sea. If you missed, torpedoes sink into nowhere, the move will go to the opponent. A hit allows you to shoot a second, third time under the row. In this case, the ship is considered to be blown up only if all its decks were hit. Each game is unique, because both you and your opponent have a different fleet. Surely, there are many different variations of this game. Many additions. Play sea battle now.

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