Block The Pig unblocked

Play free and online the Block The Pig unblocked game. Tedi is a young farmer living in Texas. He is engaged in the cultivation of a variety of crops and vegetables. Everything would be fine, but as always there are problems. The neighboring pig got into the habit of running to his fields and spoiling the harvest. Now our hero needs to get rid of something like this misfortune. In the game Block the Pig we will help you to cope with this harmful pig. We will need to trap him and thus catch him. So, we will have a playing field divided into cells. In the center of it will be our little pig whose we need to block and not allow to escape. We need to click on empty cells to put stones on them and thus block the path of movement of the pest. In the beginning we will be given a few seconds of the odds so quickly learn the situation and start to put a barrier. Remember that the pig will try to escape, so plan your moves ahead, because the path of the animal will be difficult for you to determine. The task is considered to be completed when all escape routes are blocked and the pig hardens in place. With each new level it will make everything more difficult, but you will manage and neutralize the pest.
The game Block the Pig has an interesting storyline and a very thoughtful game scenario. All players starting to play Block the Pig will not be able to tear themselves away from it for a minute. Open Block the Pig on our website and fight this pink criminal, and of course have fun.

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