Bloons tower defense 4 unblocked

Play Bloons tower defense 4 unblocked online. Somewhere in a parallel universe, dominion over the world is carried out by a horde of inflatable balls. Only marmosets can learn to resist rubber products, they have learned to build towers of ball protection 4. The fact is that some balls are multi-layered products that are not so easy to pierce even with a gun shot. Once one layer is torn, a less solid core appears after it. Other balls can move quickly, while the level of the thickness of their shell is so high that no bazooka can shoot through. Therefore, the monkeys have to install towers that allow ice clouds to slow down the enemy. Finally, before entering the base, the animals throw nails past which not a single ball can pass. The war has lasted for many years, so the monkeys have learned how to upgrade weapons, use suggestive grenade launchers, and also change points of guidance directly during the battle. The enemy is also cunning, because under the guise of black nuclei, it launches armies of balls that, like sabotage units, break through to the rear of the defending side.

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