BMX master unblocked

BMX master unblocked is a nice game. Cyclists choose this type of transport not only for its ecological cleanliness, but also for the opportunity to perform unimaginable stunts on it. What kind of frills are not in the arsenal of these extremes! Riding on one wheel, turning in the air upside down, and generally getting off far beyond the frame during the jump, then having time to return to a normal body position – this is learned and trained for years. Not surprisingly, tournaments in such tricks are won only by the most gifted and stubborn athletes who do not want the time and energy to continually improve themselves. BMH master – this is not easy schoolboy who bought himself a cool bike, and already seen a lot of daredevils, for whom life without a pair of wheels seems simply unbearable. Try and you become one of these craftsmen, riding on a small platform with numerous ramps and jumps. It has everything to take off as high as possible, and land as spectacularly as possible. Use numbers from one to eight, each of which corresponds to a specific steep focus. To complete a level, you need to score a set number of points, and it will be difficult to do, because after each fall your points are reset – start anew.

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