Bob the robber Friv unblocked

Young Bob from an early age was famous for his extraordinary abilities. IN Bob the robber Friv unblocked game he will then easily open the locked cabinet door with cookies, then steal the hot dog and give it to the homeless. This is how little Bob grew up. But when the guy grew up, he decided to fight evil. True, he does it in his usual manner. You ask how? He steals from the rich and gives everything to the poor. In the game “Robber Bob”, you will help the modern Robin Hood. There are 5 levels ahead. Your first steps of the hero, you take in the barn and the old mansion. But in such houses is always full of vintage collectibles, which are very rare and fabulously expensive. That is why these houses are crammed with surveillance cameras and security guards. You should carefully read the instructions for tips. You can easily break simple locks, but for electronic locks you need to look for the code. Usually they are contained in notes. Watch out for surveillance cameras and security guards. Cameras need to be bypassed while they are directed in the other direction, and you can just hit the guard with a baton on the head. Have a nice game!

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