Boxhead unblocked

Boxhead unblocked is a cool flash game about zombies. In the game boxhead 2 play rooms – your task is to kill all the zombies and survive yourself. Feature of the game – you can play together!

Kill the zombies that appear at first little by little, and with each level they become more and more. There are 10 different types of weapons in the game, which can be selected with 1-0 keys, initially you only have a pistol, for killing a certain number of zombies, and you need to kill them in a row, you will see a counter on top. Also, for a certain amount of killings you will receive upgrades to your weapon – the further, the more powerful the weapon.

The control keys in the game Boxhead 2 play rooms:

Movement: keyboard arrows
Shoot: Space
Choice of weapons: 1-0

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