Bubble shooter unblocked

The Bubble Shooter unblocked game with balls is like a shooter with Fuzzies who has grown fond of everyone. It requires a certain skill, experience and skill. Control the arrow on the screen to accurately aim and hit the ball. On the half of the screen will be placed multi-colored elements and you will have at your disposal in turn the same. Aim at the balls of the same color, and when their number is 3 or more, they will disappear.

Try to remove them from the playing field as quickly as possible, because after a certain time they go down, forming from two new rows. The line is located at the bottom and when the ball moves behind it, the game will be over. While playing Bubble Shooter at first glance is easy, try to shoot balls meaningfully. With each new shot you will get better. After you lose, a table appears with the result. You can save your account by typing the name in English letters.

We saw a lot of options for using multi-colored balls … Lines, Zooma, even a ball-like “Tetris” – they all differed in fascination. This free online flash game is one of them. Bubble Shooter inherits, takes all the best from such well-known and popular computer games: Tetris (Tetris), lines (Lines), billiards (Pool) while adding their new functional features. Bubble Shooter – bubble shooter – is a good arcade game combining simple rules and user-friendly interface with an abundance of combinations and various game strategies.

The rules of the game are simple. Your goal is to remove all the multi-colored balls (or bubbles, bubble, bubbles) from the playing field, gaining as many points as possible. You will shoot the balls based on the color accessories on the pile of balls on top, and when three or more balls of the same color turn out to be together, they will burst like soap bubbles and disappear, and you earn points. For example, in order for 2 adjacent red balls to disappear from the playing field, you need to hit a red ball in one of these two red balls (bubbles). Point the mouse on the right place on the game board where the next ball should fly, the arrow below will show the direction and make a throw. The more bubbles burst and disappear from the board in one roll, the more points you get. Play this flash game!

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