Welcome to our collection of great Fighting games, that will be interesting and boys and men and even grandparents. To understand what boys like, will be sufficient to recall the words of the famous children’s song: From what, from what, from what, made ​​our boys? Of springs and pictures of marbles and promokashek, made ​​our boys! This fun song for many years, and nothing has changed. Boys love: to break, to destroy, to play online games for boys, fight, fight, run, and of course.

Striving to be the best – this is the property of the man, which manifests itself at an early age and remains with him until his death. Everybody wants to be the most powerful, nimble, quick, brave, lucky … The desire to compete, to prove their superiority and win in all the representatives of the stronger sex in the blood. Perhaps that is why boys are so popular games with fights. Yes, fighting games for boys – one of the most popular genres of gamers.