Who does not know a cute Italian plumber named Mario, on the adventures of which grew more than one generation of gamers? Mario loved all over the world, so rare a fan of computer games did not help the hero to save the beautiful princess. Do you want to help the iconic Italian? Then Mario game online on our site – just what you need!

    Let’s start with the main occupation of the popular plumbing. No, it does not fix the pipes or installation of new toilets. The main work of Mario – run, jump over obstacles, collect coins and prizes, to avoid contact with enemies and rescue the princess. It would seem that the plot is very simple, but these games are tightened even stronger than some serious quests. This is not surprising, since each time Mario gets into a new world, and sometimes gets a new ability (eg, the ability to increase the flight range due to flip in the air, or the ability to hurl bombs).