City siege 2 unblocked: Resort siege

The second part of a popular shooter – City siege 2 unblocked: Resort siege, where you will destroy again enemies. This time under a siege there was a small resort city. Aggressors up in arms here have rushed, now they are in each street and supervise each site. Has come to collect once again time a striking force to beat out opponents from the most important points. The gameplay is made qualitatively, developers have thought over each level. At first will be trained, where you can use the weapon and learn to kill enemies. If it is possible to name the initial stages silent and quiet the present fight further will begin. It is necessary to jump, hide dexterously behind shelters and to destroy all who is adjusted with hostility. In this chaos it is necessary to have time to notice civilians who are required to be rescued. Try not to pass valuable stars for the future improvements.
Each level is a separate problem to which it is necessary to approach in the special way. You can collect the necessary command for attack, and then study a district map. Foreknowing an arrangement of enemies, there is a chance faster to cope with mission and to type a maximum of points and experience. The minimum losses are always appreciated, therefore it is necessary to be attentive and careful to achieve a victory.

City siege 2: Resort siege

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