City siege 4 unblocked: Alien siege

The City siege “4 unblocked: Alien siege” is the fourth part, where you will face the new enemies, which steels stronger and clever. The city was attacked by newcomers, for some days they could destroy almost all people. There were only some lucky beggars to whom now rake over the coals in literal sense. Prepare group of fighters to oppose aggressors. The city siege begins with small training that beginners have learnt to apply numerous possibilities of a gameplay. At the first levels only one hero will be accessible, it is the leader of group. We recommend to spend at once improvements that the health stock was more. To stand against aliens at times it is extremely problematic. After a while you can create the big group and struggle against enemies. It reminds strategic shooting where it is necessary to think and operate constantly more.

City siege 4: Alien siege

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