Coaster racer 2 unblocked

The Coaster racer 2 unblocked is a nice game. Usually at the mention of a roller coaster you see tall climbs, sharp descents – amusement parks, where you race in a wagon along winding rails. But our race will unfold a little differently. A rollercoaster race is a competition in which you will have to ride a motorcycle or a sports car on the quay. The road here is built right in the middle of the sea, and behaves as if it specifically wants to dump you into its salty depths. You mix up, and find yourself in the water, not fit into the turn. But the race on the roller coaster is a contest, first of all, with a bunch of rivals. It is dangerous to drive along a difficult track and alone, and then numerous opponents appear alongside. They also choose cars and motorcycles, so the company will come out pretty diverse. A rollercoaster race is not only dangerous, but also profitable. Winners get a good salary, and second from third place is still well paid. And if you pick up all the cash bonuses during the trip itself, the final prize will increase several times. Improve your vehicle so that the race on the roller coaster becomes easier. Maximum speed, acceleration, and new tires for better control are what you need.

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