Coaster racer 3 unblocked

If you want to have fun with 19 madmen, then Coaster racer 3 unblocked is just for you. There is no normal road here – only wooden suspension bridges over the precipice, awesome tunnels, jumps with boosters and other cool pieces that are not typical of racing competitions. Participants are free to choose a vehicle: motorcycles, buggies, speed cars, and each vehicle, depending on the availability of gold, can be pumped in the car shop. Here you will have the engine stuffed with all sorts of things for greater speed, they will make it easier to control, install a turbocharger for more efficient use of nitro, take care of the brakes and the stability of the racing means on the road. It is not easy to become the best among the notorious reckless drivers, therefore, to earn a donate, you will have to go through familiar tracks several times, set records, get achievements and not forget about installing upgrades. Do not forget about the passage of special bonus levels, where instead of a race you have to perform simple tasks like picking fruit or setting a speed record. By the way, if you fall in this game, no one will suffer, as the car instantly returns to the route, it just continues moving from acceleration.

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