Crush the castle 2 unblocked

Play Crush the castle 2 unblocked online. If you briefly talk without deep immersion into the cause of the conflict, the two neighbors could not divide the territory. One quickly occupied the grounds, where he began to build structures of various shapes, sizes, and degrees of reinforcement. The second one began to master new types of weapons in order to destroy castle 2 with a sworn enemy. For this cunning decided to use combat catapults, hurling heavy objects over huge distances. Such a tool easily rolls onto the ground, occupies a remote position somewhere in an inconspicuous place and inflicts smashing blows on the target. The residents of the built castles didn’t immediately realize where the giant wooden things came from, numerous logs, burning boulders smeared with tar, exploding bombs. Every citizen, including the royal knights, the court retinue, and the local kings themselves, naively believe that the walls of the fortification will contain the onslaught of the advancing party until the sub-ram’s arrival. The task of the commander-in-chief at the head of the offensive is to select weakly fortified structural elements. For destruction, it is necessary not only to launch the catapult, but also to launch a projectile in a timely manner.

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