Dead paradise 2 unblocked

Dead paradise 2 unblocked is fighting races where it is necessary to pump over the car and to make the way through crowds of enemies to the purpose. Actions occur right after performance of tasks of the previous part, therefore at the disposal of the player at once the abrupt car to a considerable quantity of guns. Having reached the specified point on a card, our heroes have found out that the peace place does not exist. Bodies of people around roll, all is filled in by blood and to remain here dangerously. To survive in dead paradise it is the extremely difficult. Shortly you find the tablet that last reliable place is in a mysterious Zone 51 where now it is necessary to move. There is a big problem, during last arrival you face the tank which carries the car in chips.
It is impossible to surrender, therefore quickly search for a new wheelbarrow and start to pump over it anew. Development much faster, now you can earn is easier money and establish for time some updatings. Complexity of all levels has a little grown, therefore certain missions should be carried out on some times. Try to destroy more enemies and to earn on their  destruction, to pump over a wheelbarrow. As a result it is necessary to collect a military vehicle, capable to amaze even the tank!

Dead paradise 2

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