Destroy the castle unblocked

Play the Destroy the castle unblocked free and online. In the Middle Ages, laws dominated that went against the civilized solution of contemporary issues. If a neighbor accidentally ripped off the inhabitants of another kingdom, then the ruler at least had to destroy the castle in retaliation, and at the same time destroy his guards. The wars did not stop even for a day, all countries blazed in flames, people screamed in agony, but this was the norm and none of them saw any other ways to solve the conflict. The most popular were gunsmiths, who knew how to calculate the trajectory of the flight of the nucleus. Then the cannon filling did not have an explosive effect, so all the cores weighed decently and could smash even the stone wall bounce. Very few ammunition was allocated for the siege of the castles, for a good shooter could, with several hits, behead the center of resistance, destroy the most important communications, and deprive the defending side of provisions. Your goal is to learn how to shoot a gun. To do this, you need to adjust the angle of fire and the amount of gunpowder that affects the range of the nucleus in an explosion. The kernels will be issued the most different, each of them has a specific purpose. It is not enough to cause colossal destruction to buildings, for living archers, swordtails, spearmen, capable of inflicting critical damage on your small army, can remain inside. Behave as a barbarian and do not leave anyone alive, because this is the main rule of medieval battles in besieged fortresses!

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