Dino run unblocked

Dino run unblocked is a nice game. According to one of the expert opinions of paleontologists before the onset of the ice age, a giant meteorite fell. As a result of the impact, dormant volcanoes were activated, and then there was a huge release of magma to the surface of the planet. All living things rushed to flee. The escape of a dinosaur that barely managed to hatch out of an egg will vividly demonstrate what phenomenal instincts and the desire for survival for those prehistoric reptiles. When hot lava poured out from behind, chaos was occurring everywhere, it was necessary not only to rush headlong towards a safe place, but also to feed on relatives so as not to rush in search of pasture. Precious time could not be wasted on nonsense that could take a life. Plus, giant dinosaurs got in the way, and it didn’t make much sense to butt with adult individuals of a tyrannosaur baby. In brutal conditions, it is necessary not only to find workarounds, but also to invent ways of interacting with other prehistoric animals. If this is not done, even the bones, which people will be exploring through many centuries, trying to reconstruct the picture of events, will not remain.

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