Duck life 5 unblocked

The game “Duck life 5 unblocked: Treasure Hunt” is different from any of the previous versions. Here you play as a cute duckling who went in search of treasures, during the adventures he will reveal many secrets and get a thrill.
The graphics are better than in the previous parts. The style of the game is different, instead of participating in ordinary races and victories in competitions, you will need to complete the mission of being the one who first finds the treasure.
Race with randomly generated ducks that also went in search of the treasure, find it before anyone else.

Get cute and useful pets at the pet store to help them throughout the quest. Each pet has unique skills and abilities, such as knocking enemies out of the screen, shooting thermal objects with a special projectile, eliminating enemies blocking the path. There are also pets jumping in front of you, thus protecting against opponents.
There are several different gambling stores, designed to buy not only pets, but also useful equipment and a lot of other things that will help throughout the adventure.

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