Effing worms unblocked

In Effing worms unblocked someone from the elves in the preparation of a magic elixir that creates gifts for Santa Claus, inadvertently dripped an extra drop of extract. Instead of gifts, a worm appeared, which suddenly began to grow rapidly, becoming angrier and more gluttonous. The creature flipped to unprecedented size, plunged into the frozen soil of Lapland, as if into a pool of water, and disappeared. After a while, the hungry Christmas worm reappeared to have breakfast with its creators. The country was alarmed by the appearance of a monster, prowling in the bowels of the earth and smelling the smell of living things at a distance. The bunnies were the first to suffer, soon the worm attacked a larger living creature, ate some elves, and then in one fell swoop by snowmen. The goal of the mutant was Santa Claus with his permanent deer! It was this yummy that could bring the monster back to its former appearance, saving it from the terrible sufferings associated with the insatiable, ever-growing, incessant hunger. Santa’s guards, of course, will go out with weapons to save the employer, but will the pistols help them in fighting the giant, whose shell is harder than rock, fangs like sharks, is faster than any horse team?

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