Electric man 2 Friv unblocked

Electric man 2 Friv unblocked is a new project of a secret organization that has long been trying to produce the perfect soldier. This has to be created artificially, in order to be made massively, literally by a conveyor belt. The fruits of years of work look very strange. People are very skinny, but they are overflowing with energy, and are ready to fight in full force until they defeat all enemies. You will manage the first prototype. He is distinguished by the presence of special combat skills. Among them there are a series of strikes, as well as the same techniques, only in slow motion. For their conduct required to spend battery power. Electric Man 2 can carry three such charges with it at the same time, which means that three powerful delayed moves are ready to crush enemies. But do not worry about saving. The forces are gradually replenished, and again you are able to resort to super attacks. Defeat all other models of soldiers to prove your superiority over them. Electric man 2 should rightfully occupy the championship, and sit on the throne of the champion. Maybe someday these guys will enslave the whole world for a secret organization. But for now, it’s better to think only about current bouts.

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