Fancy pants unblocked Friv

The game “Adventures of Fancy Pants unblocked Friv” is a dynamic platformer in a stylish hand-drawn “graphics”, which because of its specificity has not lost its beauty, despite the fact that the game was released seven years ago. In this platformer you have to run a lot, jump, get to hard-to-reach places and collect shells and trophies. You will have to jump on enemies from above, as in the classic console platformers of old years. The game has a very fast pace, and therefore it captures and enthralls in its own drawn strange world.

Fancy Pants – is the name of the protagonist. His name is so, apparently, because of his wide pants of orange color, immediately apparent. Pants is keen on parkour, so to speak. The character often runs after dispersal on the walls (and even on the ceiling), makes crazy jumps, somersaults and does not want to move at all calmly. They are confronted by giant spiders and mice, and the world in which he moves consists of rocks and doors.

In this game, the main goal is to collect trophies in different non-obvious places of the level. Most often, the trophy is hidden behind the door, behind which there is a small room-sublevel, where you still need to get to this trophy. Some walls of the level hint at their form that you can run upwards along them. Do not hesitate! Take acceleration – and forward. However, keep in mind, constantly running at high speed is dangerous, it is very easy to not have time to react to a roaming spider. However, spiders simply move back and forth, and very often they are fairly easy to ignore.

In addition to doors, trophies and enemies (on which, as mentioned above, you have to jump from above or just avoid), there are jump springs and small spiral shells on the level. Springs will throw Pants up when the character is on them. However, there are also spring-like blocks with numbers. Jump on them the specified number of times, and the block will open. The third type of springs – springs with clamps that will not throw the character until the jump button is pressed. Shells restore your health gradually, and every hundred shells give you another life.

“The Adventures of Fancy Pants unblocked Friv” is a rather simple, pleasant toy, in which it is interesting to run and easily plunge into the atmosphere of speed. Convince yourself now!

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