Five nights at freddy’s unblocked

The Five nights at freddy’s unblocked is a popular game. Feel the old legend about Freddie the Bear, which is closely connected with the institution where you will have to spend the whole night as a night guard.
It all started with the fact that the new owners of the abandoned pizzeria premises decided to resume the work of the latter, but to do so based on the legend about Freddie. By hiring good animators and designers, the pizzeria halls were brought into shape, which causes cold in the hearts of all visitors. But, oddly enough, people like it and the institution is a success in the daytime.
And for those who come there at night – it is the guards of the pizzeria, the legend comes to life. All that comes to mind unhappy, trapped in such a trap – to survive!
The essence of the game is to hold out until the morning and stay alive. At the disposal of the guard there is a camera control panel, the ability to look around to the right and left, turn on the lights in the corridors one by one, and close the automatic doors to the guard room. But you need to remember – the more you make movements and actions with electronics, the faster you use up the energy accumulated in the autonomous battery. At the end of the charge darkness will come, and in the wake of her after you come … Freddy bear!

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