Flappy bird unblocked

The Flappy bird unblocked is a popular game. Someone likes to watch birds, while others use them for other purposes, arranging very funny games. It is so fun to watch the movements of the winged heroes, if their orientation in space is a little broken. Moreover, the Flappy Bird constantly bumps into obstacles, such as trees, houses, and risks hitting death. How stupid for her should be the choice of a route on which dozens, hundreds of tall pipes stick out of the ground. Something these things remind us of the world of Mario. The task is to get through their line, remaining unscathed. Flappy Bird is moving extremely clumsily, so that it turns out only jerks, instead of a smooth flight. As a result, somehow directing them in the right direction is a big problem. One wrong move, and again you bump into an obstacle, sliding it onto the ground. And start exactly from the same place is not allowed. The player is forced to return to the very beginning, resetting his account. The amount of interference left behind is credited to it, that is, each pipe will add one point. You will have to train for a long time to learn how to control such a sharp character, and to keep him on the fly for at least a minute is the best skill.

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