Freeway fury 2 unblocked

All motorists living in big cities, probably tired of traffic jams. Freeway fury 2 unblocked is one of the most popular games. When you are in a hurry somewhere, and the stream of cars in front of you still does not want to move from the spot, and this is delayed for long hours, no one is able to behave adequately. But here, there was a guy with no brakes, compared to which even the most quick-tempered people are just a sample of calm. Who else would come into the head in a rage break the glass of their own car, and then jump onto the roofs of other cars, and throw their drivers onto the road, beating them cruelly. So the guy decided to blow off steam, but only entered into a rage, and continued to exterminate people on his way. Enjoy the kind of destruction that the game gives you, and rush forward without brakes, as if the devil is chasing you. Although it is better to let the devil be here yourself, and the rest will fall like weak-willed victims, slain by the force of your frantic rage. To jump to the next car, get close to him closely, and then climb out onto the roof of your car, and click the arrow in the right direction. You can do this at the same time, but it is not as effective. While you are on the roof, the pass

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