Freeway fury 3 unblocked

In the Freeway fury 3 unblocked the news appeared information called “Road rage 3”. For the third time, reporters from the height of a helicopter flight noticed a stir on a busy highway, where the guy used supernatural abilities to go from one moving car to another car. The eccentric seemed to slow down time, pass through the windshield and throw out another driver on the go. This happened in seconds, and only a high-resolution camera, which removes everything from the air in detail, helped to consider the incredible incident. The drivers did not even suspect that a car or a motorcycle was moving behind them with a creature that had extraordinary capabilities. A call to the police sounded the whole department of patrolmen, who rushed to catch up with the dangerous offender, and this caused his fierce resistance. An aggressive creature in the guise of a man tried to hide by any means, arranging confusion and piles of bent metal on the road. What did the deft jumper pursue? Why did he need to create a catastrophic situation on the track? Did something more terrible awaited at the end of his path than hundreds of crippled motorists? This mystery will be revealed only by the one who will be in the jumper’s shoes!

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