Friv 306

Friv 306 play online. Since childhood, you are extremely irritated by any, even the most insignificant, crime. That’s why you did not hesitate to think about your future profession, because initially your life was closely connected with the law. You have turned out to be an excellent guardian of order, which is adamant in its firmness of spirit and confidence in justice. Today you will have to test yourself more than once for the strength, because it was on your watch that most of the bandit groups were dragged into a common criminal act, which must be completely prevented. Remember every second that you should not stand on either side, for your place is neutrality, which should remain so. That’s just not a single criminal element should not leave you unharmed! if you miss at least one criminal, the entire extensive raid on the factions may be in jeopardy, which will necessarily lead to very disastrous results!

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