G switch 3 unblocked

The G switch 3 unblocked is a very interesting game. An endless run through the virtual world will appeal to those cyber-athletes who have an amazing reaction. Our hero has a kind of gravitational switch 3, which allows you to turn everything upside down. Just press the button, as the runner immediately sticks its legs to the ceiling, and pressing it again returns it. Throughout the route, obstacles appear in front of the smart dodger, the planes of motion change, and sharp curves appear. But the most difficult thing is a binary laser that copies the runner to a parallel treadmill. It’s just incredibly difficult to manage two heroes at the same time, because the death of a clone leads to the death of the original. Fortunately, for all fans of extreme futuristic entertainment, a descent from the distance does not return the character to the starting point, because throughout the entire route there are a huge number of control points. There are also acceleration arrows on the track. It is necessary to step on them, as the speed of movement will increase significantly, requiring the character to make timely decisions about changing gravity.

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