Hanger unblocked

Play online Hanger unblocked game. Needless to say, the route you have chosen is not easy. Although it is difficult to call it a route, because there are no roads at all. There is no land under your feet, only sharp peaks of rocks will rise everywhere, where you can’t take a look. The little man is swinging on a rope – such a sadistic coat itself, not promising anything good. Somewhere in the distance, a white line shines, so alluring with its light. But the path to it will be difficult and dangerous, like no other. Let the hero reel back and forth like on a swing, and then release his saving rope. Of course, this is a good application for suicide, but everything is not as simple as it seems. Pressing the key again will cause it to throw out a new thread, as if playing spider man. You can cling to any kind of surface, as long as they are above you. In this way, each jump can either bring you closer to your goal, or help you hurt yourself to death. Even a fleeting collision with a rock will be fatal, and at least your legs will hurt if the speed was high enough. Dangling barely, you can try to go down to the edge of a cliff, hoping for the best. Also, you are allowed to climb the rope, dropping higher or lower.

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