Happy wheels 2 unblocked

At first glance, it seems that this game will be very exciting and energetic for you. But not every future player realizes that very bloodthirsty moments can expect him very soon. You will have to choose your victim, which you will deliver a lot of trouble, and in the end, and at all will lead to death. Of course, the more beautiful you make your victim die, the better for your bonus piggy bank.

The more sacrificed victims in your account, the better for your reputation. Try to be maximized in this virtual killing process. And you will be able to learn that there is a huge amount of quite unusual ways by which a murder can be committed extremely bloodthirsty.

At your disposal will be immediately several characters, each of which has its own dissimilarity both in appearance and in the inner world. Your enemies should die immediately, as soon as all this you wanted, you should not deal with them for a long time. A long and painful death will make him suffer, and you will add bonus points. Dip headlong into that bloodthirsty process, and you will immediately realize that you are all madly in love with this.

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