Happy wheels demo unblocked

No one recognizes himself as disabled if he has happy wheels. Under them should be understood anything, if only it drove, and happiness will not be difficult to add. Every hundred meters that a disabled person overcomes is a great merit. What about a dizzying race outside the hospital? This venture immediately seemed dangerous to your friends, and no one made a company. But our hero had the courage to go on a trip alone, without support, without the supervision of doctors. However, the reality turned out to be even more severe than any sick fantasy. The track in front of you turned into hell. There are traps everywhere. The road now and then is interrupted by cliffs, in places there are huge boulders. Every unsuccessful fall affects severe injuries, because your bones are already weak. Only happy wheels continue to give enthusiasm, help not to quit. No matter how badly you are injured, while your heart is still beating, you can rush to the finish line. Be wary of deep holes, long falls. After such a collision with the ground, you are unlikely to get back on your feet. Let’s check how far a disabled person can go in his wheelchair? Let his life will be at least something fun.

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