Happy wheels unblocked full version

Are you a fan of the racing genre, but tired of everyday games? Then Happy wheels unblocked full version will surprise you. The game “Happy Wheels” – this is probably the craziest race in the online world. First, the vehicle will be a two-wheeled fixture. Her player can choose at the beginning of the game. It could be: a wheelchair with a pensioner, a father with a son on a bicycle, a business man on a segway or an overweight woman on a trolley from a supermarket.

Each character is different from each other and at first you do not understand why such a strange choice of heroes. But as it turns out (a small spoiler!), They are members of one crazy family. With the passage of the levels you will understand that they are all interconnected. Secondly, this competition is incorrectly called a race. Since only you will take part in it, with no one competing. It is rather a survival game in combination with extreme sports.

After all, on your way there are a lot of dangerous traps, high rises and descents, coups in the air, and the game is complemented by bloody scenes, when in a collision with
object, your character continues to race, even if along the way he has lost a hand or other limbs. Yes, we warned that the share of madness in the game “Happy Wheels” is present. But nevertheless, the gameplay is fascinating and quickly immerses in the gameplay. If you want unusual adventures with elements of unpredictability, then you will not go wrong with this flash game. At least the most different, perhaps dual, impressions you get.

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