JackSmith Friv

JackSmith Friv – Jack Smith narrates about the armourer heading through wood. But in wood of full various creatures. Which aim to eat you. In your forces to make the weapon for soldiers who agree to go fight with evil spirits. Whether it be a spider, a snake or a carnivorous plant. During travel Jack Smith collects minerals and the further, the more it can make. At first only swords, then axes and so on. And if on the given piece of a way the weapon is first class, that soldiers will long hold on and can probably reach a chest with treasures. And quality of the weapon depends on each step of manufacturing. To put the necessary components, not to overheat an alloy, not to spill during pouring in the form. Further in regular intervals to process, unbend, and certainly precisely all to spread. If to show it is a little assiduity and attentiveness at you all will turn out. And still accompanying the soldiers in fights with evil spirits do not forget to collect a mouse stones and minerals. And as that you have a gun from which you can shoot stones.

Jack Smith

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