Miragine war unblocked

Meet the online game Miragine war unblocked. In the confrontation under the name of the Miragin war there are two opposing teams: red and blue. The task of the player is to destroy the base of the opposing team, which is represented as a crystal. To protect your crystal and attack a stranger, you need warriors. They are created automatically every thirty seconds; all you have to do is to select a specific type. Depending on how much money you have, the maximum possible number of selected warriors will be automatically created. Be careful, because different warriors have different characteristics of attack, life and armor, as well as two types of attack – physical and magic. Watch who your opponent chooses to choose the right strategy. Each type of unit best copes with the destruction of certain enemies. Based on this, you should build your winning strategy. Click on the minimap to watch what is happening throughout the field. You can choose here to fight with a computer rival, or to invite friends, waging war with someone alive. In this case, the Mirajin war is especially unpredictable, because each of you can do unexpected things, unlike the primitive thinking of the program.

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