Pacxon unblocked

Mr. Pacxon came up with a clever way to overcome the intergalactic freaks. In Pacxon unblocked unlike its predecessor Pak-Mana, this leaves behind the bricks that interfere with the movement of mucous freaks. He runs briskly, driving his opponents into hopeless traps. Not all monsters when they hit the wall are repelled in the opposite direction – some creatures basically climb on blue squares to annoy our hero. Others patrol the airless space of space, collect useful gifts, do not allow outsiders to use bonuses to achieve their goals. Pak should not occupy one hundred percent territory, because it is enough for him to drive the monsters into a close space, where they will eat each other from starvation or devour themselves without seeing a way out of the trap. There are enemies who move along a lined wall like prison guards who keep order. But worst of all are the red eaters of bricks, crumbling walls, as if they were ordinary food. They are large in size and do not stand on ceremony with obstacles that destroy fanged teeth in one fell swoop.

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