Papas freezeria unblocked Friv

Play online Papas freezeria unblocked Friv. When it’s hot in the street, I just want to eat ice cream and drink a cold cocktail. In this game you will have the opportunity, not only to eat ice cream, but also to cook it yourself. After all, in the cafe-ice cream of Pope Louis everything is possible. But first you need to choose the character that you will play. Then change his appearance to your taste, so that you would be more pleasant to play. Now that you’ve created the protagonist you’ll be playing for, you can start making ice cream. The first thing you need to do is take an order from the client, in order to start making ice cream and a delicious cocktail. In the beginning, you will do everything on the prompts so that you do not get confused and know what to do. But in the future you will need to do everything yourself. Try to remember everything the first time to do the most delicious ice cream and get paid for it.

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